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The Markets at The Mill!  

 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM every Saturday:  Produce, Art, Clothing, Antiques, Crafts, music, and a family friendly atmosphere to enjoy for a quick pick up of milk or a leisurely look at all the goods.

The Markets at The Mill would like to develop a reputation of being one of the best markets in Tennessee. The four main goals of the market are: (1) Give local farmers and artisans a reliable, proven marketplace to sell farm and craft goods. (2) Educate the public on the benefits of local foods in both taste and nutrition. (3) Raise awareness of the vital role that farms and craft persons play in the environment, economy, and aesthetic values of communities, and (4) create a community meeting place for people of all ages.

The 2011 summer season of The Markets at The Mill is going to be an exciting one. We have developed initiatives to promote local food and farms, along with the customer traffic and public awareness of the market. There will be antiques, crafts, clothing, and more. We look forward to exciting, community engaging projects including a farm dinner, a kid’s educational garden, and a big grand opening for our summer season.

We want The Markets at The Mill to be known as the place to find fresh food from real farmers. The public wants to know more about local farms and to trusts the authenticity of the products that are presented. We will visit farms that sell at the market. Market officials will make the farm visits in order to take publicity photos and learn more about each farm. The photos and information will be used in publicity and promotional campaigns for the market, including farm profiles on the website and newsletter. The information and photos can also be used in The Market’s advertising and public relations campaigns.

We want to cultivate young families as customers at The Markets. To partially meet the goal of educating the public about local foods and farming, we will have a Kids Grow Like Crab Grass project. The basis of our campaign will be an at least monthly newsletter geared to educate kids on where their food comes from, how to eat healthy, and who their farmers are. If you or you know of someone who would like to help with this project, we would love to have help.  We would also like to institute Kids Grow Like Crab Grass initiative by introducing an active children’s educational garden.  We need help from so many of you in donation of plants and materials, teaching gardening classes, or assisting in activities. For more information please see our Market Manager, Michelle Fowler or leave us a message at TheMarketsatTheMill@gmail.com

Our intent is to become a year round market place.  We are fortunate to have a covered, enclosed facility which allows comfortably for that.  There are booths remaining. If you are interested in more information contact the Market Manager, Michelle Fowler at TheMarketsatTheMill@gmail.com   We are excited about the summer season and the opportunity to serve you.  See you at The Market!


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